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Who is eligible to join Michigan CLASS?

Participation in Michigan CLASS is available to any county, city, village, township, school district, authority, the state of Michigan, or any other political subdivision organized under the laws of the state of Michigan. To join, such public agencies need only to execute the necessary authorizing resolution joining the Participation Agreement and provide a certified copy of such resolution to the Administrator. The Administrator will then notify the Custodian and the other Participants in writing and commence the procedures necessary for the new Participant to begin using the program. Pursuant to applicable state law, Public Trust Advisors, LLC will review each entity’s investment policy and return the appropriate acknowledgment.

To join Michigan CLASS, please complete the following:

  1. Submit your investment policy to the Program Administrator for review.
  2. Adopt the Michigan CLASS Participation Agreement by passing a board resolution authorizing participation in Michigan CLASS.
  3. Complete the Trust Registration Form.
  4. Submit the above documents via fax to (855) 381-0496 or email to clientservices@michiganclass.org.


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