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Announcing Michigan CLASS EDGE: Our Newest Product Offering

The Michigan CLASS Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the formation of a new portfolio, Michigan CLASS EDGE. Through collaboration, the Board of Trustees and Public Trust Advisors have worked diligently to create this new investment product for you. For the past thirty years, Michigan public agencies have come to enjoy the Michigan CLASS stable $1.00 Net Asset Value (NAV) portfolio. Now, Michigan CLASS is excited to provide its Participants with a new investment option that offers an enhanced rate of return through the investment in securities with a maturity range beyond that of current liquidity options.

Michigan CLASS is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of eligible Participants of the program, fostering an environment that is uniquely responsive to Participant needs. Given the unprecedented low interest rate conditions of the past eighteen months, the Board set out to develop a portfolio that complemented the daily liquidity of the existing Michigan CLASS portfolio. The Board is proud to offer EDGE as an additional option for political subdivisions interested in further strengthening and expanding their investment management strategy.

The objective of Michigan CLASS EDGE is to provide Participants the opportunity to earn a higher rate of return on their investments by investing farther out on the yield curve. Stable $1.00 NAV portfolios generally require a weighted average maturity (WAM) of 60 days or less and a weighted average life (WAL) of 120 days or less; because enhanced cash funds incorporate medium-duration securities in order to generate a higher rate of return, they generally are managed to a variable NAV per share, in this case represented by a $10.00 per share NAV.

Michigan CLASS EDGE is rated ‘AAAf/S1’ by FitchRatings which generally speaks to the overall credit quality of the portfolio’s holdings. The ‘AAAf’ rating is Fitch’s opinion on the overall credit profile within a fixed-income fund/portfolio and indicates the highest underlying credit quality of the pool’s investments. The ‘S1’ volatility rating is Fitch’s opinion on the relative sensitivity of a portfolio’s total return and/or net asset value to assumed changes in credit spreads and interest rates. The ‘S1’ volatility rating indicates that the fund possesses a low sensitivity to market risks.

Michigan CLASS is proud to offer EDGE to Participants and all Michigan public agencies and looks forward to serving them with the same reliable performance and transparency that they have come to expect. We are pleased to offer two investment options that complement each other, creating an enhanced investment program for your funds. If you would like to learn more about how to invest in Michigan CLASS EDGE, please contact us.

Edward J. Sell Jr.


Michigan CLASS Board of Trustees



This press release is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a solicitation of investment advisory services. All comments and discussions presented are purely based on opinion and assumptions, not fact. These assumptions may or may not be correct based on foreseen and unforeseen events. For a full description on rating methodology, please visit www.fitchratings.com.