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The mission of Michigan CLASS is to offer all public agencies in Michigan a safe, liquid and competitive investment option. Michigan CLASS welcomes all legal, public entities without favor to one type. To that end, the Michigan Board of Trustees membership will represent the diversity of such agencies and will work to maintain a product that services the needs of all Michigan public agencies.

The Board of Trustee's vision is that Michigan CLASS will be the premier government investment pool in the state offering investments services that serve the needs of all public entities.

Since its inception in January 1992, Michigan CLASS has assisted a wide variety of public entities with the safe investment of their liquid funds. Michigan CLASS is proud to announce that it has been rated 'AAAm' by Standard and Poor's Ratings Services. The 'AAAm' principal stability fund rating is the highest assigned to principal stability government investment pools and is a direct reflection of Michigan CLASS's outstanding credit quality and management.

To learn more about Michigan CLASS, please visit the About Michigan CLASS page.

Rates as of 03-26-2015 
Daily Rate (%) 0.10
Annual Yield (%) 0.10
Average 30-Day Yield (%) 0.10
Weighted Average Maturity (To Reset) 48 Days
Weighted Average Maturity (To Final) 48 Days
Daily Dividend 0.000002605484
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