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From the Desk of Chairman Ed Sell

To the Michigan CLASS Participants,

I’d like to start by saying thank you to the valued Michigan CLASS Participants for their loyalty and perseverance through the difficult and unpredictable year prior. Your continued participation and trust in us have made this challenging year a little less so. As we turn our attention to the new year, there are a handful of exciting updates to share on behalf of the entire Michigan CLASS Board of Trustees.

Board Member Departures

I’d like to extend our most sincere gratitude to both Glenna MacDonald and Holly Moon for their many years of service on the Michigan CLASS Board. Glenna has served on the Board since 2008 and Holly since 2014. They have been instrumental in the success of the program, and their input and presence at Board meetings will be missed. We wish them all the best in their retirement!

Additionally, I’d like to congratulate Jeff Anderson on his new role with the Michigan CLASS program as a Regional Director of Marketing. Jeff served on the Board for more than five years, and we greatly appreciate his dedication and service over the years. I look forward to seeing the many ways in which Jeff continues to serve Michigan public agencies in his new role.

Election Results

Over the past few months, the Michigan CLASS 2020 Board election was held, and there was no shortage of interest in the vacant positions as well as Participant voting. We had ten excellent nominees this year and we thank them for their interest in serving on the Michigan CLASS Board. I am pleased to share the results with you; Karen Coffman, Julie Omer, and Joe Snyder were all re-elected to serve new terms while Teri Weingarden and Catherine McClary have been newly elected! We look forward to their contributions in continuing the quality Participant experience associated with Michigan CLASS.

Due Diligence & Portal Upgrades

Over the course of the last year, the Michigan CLASS Board was able to fulfill their due diligence and met at least four times, though many of those meetings were held virtually to ensure the safety of the Board members and Michigan CLASS staff. The Board also recently completed their comprehensive performance evaluation of Public Trust as investment advisor and administrator for Michigan CLASS. Even in the face of difficult circumstances, we will always adapt and rise to any challenge for the benefit of the Michigan CLASS Participants. In the second half of the year, Michigan CLASS proudly released an upgraded transaction portal with a refreshed look and enhanced capabilities. We appreciate your cooperation in making the transition to the new portal a success and will continue to fine-tune the platform to best suit your needs in the months to come.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the Michigan CLASS Board, both as a member and as the Chairman, and I am pleased to have witnessed the considerable growth of the program over the past few years. The entire Board truly believes that Michigan CLASS provides a valuable service to the many public agencies in Michigan.


Edward J. Sell Jr.


Michigan CLASS Board of Trustees