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How Michigan CLASS Can Assist with Your Annual Audit

For your local government, an annual financial audit provides an independent opinion of your financial statements, operations, and cash flows. This audit provides reassurance to your community that your financial statements provide a clear and accurate picture of your local government’s finances. At Michigan CLASS, we’re happy to assist with your financial audits by providing balance confirmations for your fiscal year-end date.

To request a balance confirmation from Michigan CLASS, the best and most efficient method is either via email (clientservices@michiganclass.org) or fax at (855) 381-0496. Most auditing firms should be able to provide you with a Standard Form to Confirm Account Balance Information with Financial Institutions. Simply send Michigan CLASS Client Services this form via fax or email, and we will return it as quickly as possible, typically by the end of the next business day after we receive it. For the quickest turnaround, please ensure you include an email and/or fax number for your auditing firm.

The form must include the following to be processed:

  • The local governmental entity name
  • An as of date
  • Michigan CLASS Address
    • 717 17th Street, Suite 1850
      Denver, Colorado 80202
  • Your Michigan CLASS account number(s)
  • Signature of an authorized signer on the account with a date
  • The auditor’s contact information including email address and/or fax number

In some instances, the form might need to include the following:

  • Interest rate and balance for the as of date
  • The Michigan CLASS Administrator (Public Trust Advisors, LLC)

Once we have received a completed form with the above information, Client Services will either confirm the information provided or enter the appropriate interest rate and balance for the as of date if left blank before emailing or faxing the form directly to the auditor.

Other Ways to Request a Balance Confirmation

Michigan CLASS is accessible on www.confirmation.com and will receive notification of your audit confirmation on the platform. Your auditing firm will need to provide your entity name, your Michigan CLASS account number, and an as of date. Balance confirmations via confirmation.com are typically addressed same day.

Finally, Michigan CLASS is able to accept a written letter via email, fax, or USPS to Client Services to request a balance confirmation if it is provided on your entity’s letterhead. The information needed to process is consistent with the information above. Please note that balance confirmations sent via USPS might experience a significant delay, so we encourage you to utilize email or fax if possible.

If you have any questions or need to submit a balance confirmation form at this time, please feel free to contact Michigan CLASS Client Service. We are here to help you!

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